Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Day 2

Today we were blessed with beautiful sunshine all day. We had a relaxing day of stopping by fraser lake, lunch in burns lake, and even taking the time for a photo op with the worlds largest fishing pole! In a small town called houston where they also had an electric car charging station!
We finished our day just outside smithers with some family connections again, where Whitney and Wilma made us feel so welcome! Besides the amazing view from their yard , we were treated with moose burgers, apple pie, a canoe ride on a pristine lake surrounded by snow capped mtns and filled with loons, and a campfire to top the eve off. Its as amazing as it sounds .


  1. This sounds wonderful! And Del is completely comfortable with loons, let me tell ya!

    Questions: Does the world's biggest fishing pole catch the world's biggest fish? Why is Rachel in jackets and Del in short sleeves? (Which one is crazy?) Who is going to buy me an electric car? What is the dog's name? (Sally and Czar want to know) How do moose burgers taste (another question from Sally and Czar)

    Love, Michele

  2. Almost looks like Ginger by the fire, and a great looking trip so far...

  3. Guess who burned her shoes on the fire?

    1. indeed i did! :( but we needed a shopping trip at the anchorage MEI! Michelle, we never answered your questions!!! hah! world's biggest rod had no evidence of fish so i guess not. I was usually the one feeling cold a lot longer than Del it seemed. (I do make a terrible canadian that way). Talk to Del about the car. ;) I don't remember the dog's name now. and the moose burgers are amazing!!!!my favourite. (i'm a good canadian that way)