Sunday, June 8, 2014

stay tuned as Del and I point our motorcycles north and see how far we can get. 

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  1. It is absolutely incredible how long you can plan for a trip, but when it comes down to it, so many things are accomplished (or not) at the last minute. As I write, I'm actually waiting and hoping I get some last minute parts and last minute work done so that I feel ready to go.
    I am so excited about this ride and can't believe it is almost time to start. I will have five days of riding (about 2,200 miles) under my seat before I join up with Rachel in BC for the real part of our trip. The truth is though, when we leave, we are at the mercy of the weather, bikes, roads and health, so we will take it as it comes. Anyway, here is the basic itinerary for the trip which is always subject to change:

    June 18 – Del rides from Hesston, KS to Denver, CO (487 miles)
    June 19 – Denver to Ogden, UT (526 miles)
    June 20 – Ogden to Boise, ID (304 miles)
    June 21 – Boise to Canby, OR (446 miles)
    June 22 – Canby to Kelowna, BC (520 miles)
    June 23 – Rest day in Kelowna to repack with Rachel
    June 24 – Kelowna to Prince George, BC – (444 miles)
    June 25 – Prince George to Smithers, BC (231 miles)
    June 26 – Smithers to Hyder, AK (211 miles)
    June 27 – Hyder to Watson Lake, YT (410 miles)
    June 28 – Watson Lake to Haines, AK (338 miles)
    June 29 – Haines to Tok, AK (438 miles)
    June 30 – Tok to McCarthy, AK (262 miles)
    July 1 – McCarthy to Anchorage, AK (303 miles)
    July 2-9 – Del and Rae go our separate ways to explore the area around Anchorage. Michele will fly to Anchorage to sightsee with Del.
    July 10 – Anchorage to Fairbanks, AK (358 miles)
    July 11 – Fairbanks to Coldfoot, AK (254 miles)
    July 12 – Coldfoot to Deadhorse, AK and back (482 miles)
    July 13 – Coldfoot to Delta Junction, AK (347 miles)
    July 14 – Delta Junction to Dawson City, YT (282 miles)
    July 15 – Dawson City to Whitehorse, YT (332)
    July 16 – Del rides from Whitehorse to Liard Hot Springs, BC (410 miles) Rae heads to Skagway, BC to take the Marine Highway back to Vancouver.
    July 17 – Liard Hot Springs to Dawson Creek, BC (477 miles)
    July 18 – Dawson Creek to Jasper, AB (326 miles)
    July 19 – Jasper to Calgary to Tofield, AB (457 miles)
    July 20 – Rest day in Tofield (Milo and Bonnie Stauffer 40th Anniversary)
    July 21 – Tofield to Regina, SK (464 miles)
    July 22 – Regina to Aberdeen, SD (521 miles)
    July 23 – Aberdeen to Hesston, KS (588 miles)

    As you read through the itinerary, I’m guessing it seemed to be ambitious, at least some of the time. I agree. I also have read many other blogs and books from people who have ridden to Alaska, and feel like although it is ambitious, it is also very possible to accomplish. So, this is the starting plan, and we will see how the plan gets changed due to weather, mechanical difficulties and health.