Tuesday, June 24, 2014

First day

Today was a long haul from kelowna to prince George bc. Today was the day of hot okanagan sunshine warming our way north.
Oh wait.
No it wasnt.
The day dawned with cool rain that lasted until 70 mile house!!! By time we got there my feet were practically swimming.
But the westside road out of kelowna was a beautiful twisty road where we saw a mother deer and three fauns. I also really liked the canyon like landscpe between kamloops and cache creek. (Despite the rain)
By time we finished lunch in 70mile house the weather cleared slightly and we had some sun as far as williams lake.
Then we drove straight into a black abyss of downpour and winds all the way up to PG.
We arrived safe and sound at my sister in laws family's place where we were treated with a delicious meal, conversation and fantastic hospitality.

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