Tuesday, July 1, 2014

And on the eighth day they rested

We woke up this am to........wait for it.........
After struggling back into our damp gear we hit the road again. We made a stop at matanuska glacier where we could actually walk up onto the glacier. It was cool and slightly unnerving to see and hear water flowing beneath the blue clear ice!
After some really great mountain curvy roads we finally came down into the anchorage area and low and behold....the sun was shining! It felt so good to have warmer air drying our fingers and toes a little!
Our first stop was the spinard roadhouse to try the 'bacon of the month' ...today we had a caramel apple compote on large chunks of bacon. Then add coffee porter and we were two very happy campers!
Except we're not camping now. Del had some connections here and we are staying at friend's house! Home cooked meal, craft beer, hot showers and stunning scenery right ourside their door.

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