Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Day 22 the end of an era

Today marks the last day of riding together. We had a warm sunny morning to ride from haines junction to whitehorse....an easy 1.5hr drive. However, we both now had concerns about our bikes so our first stop was at a bike shop who promptly told us it was a 3 wk wait and no way no how could they even look at the bikes. Next stop at the honda dealer, a nice man came out and at least gave us an opinion of what the prob might be. Mine was leaking oil from somewhere (not a great feeling to see that) and del was hearing a clunk in his chain somewhere. (Also not great to hear). However, it was concluded he could manage  with good chain care.  I, on the other hand, had lost about half a litre of oil overnight, and it was pretty concerning, so my next option was to call a very nice guy at the yamaha dealer who told me if I went and washed it down and brought it over he would look at it. (Despite it being a suzuki) long story shorter, he opened up a panel to find a lot of dalton concrete (as we fondly refer to it now) around a seal. After cleaning it.....it seems to be better....fingers crossed.
So we were then able to spend a relaxing rest of the day sightseeing etc in the city. Its quite a pretty little town.
So tomorrow we will head in different directions. Del is staying on the alaska hwy to dawson city and then thru jasper etc as he heads south east towards kansas.
I am headed to skagway where I will catch a ferry down to port hardy on vancouver island and drive home from there.
What an adventure.

"When you see someone put their big boots on,  you know an adventure is about to happen " -winnie the pooh

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